Cellphone tracking got more scary

  • It's not just the NSA that's looking into our personal information anymore; many start-up companies can now build profiles of its users and track their travel habits and spending in order to sell the information to advertisers. 

    The New York Times mentioned that the new tech has the ability to track people's devices such as laptops and computers even if they're not connected. 

    Drawbridge tracks 1.5B devices and the CEO of the company said they're observing people's behaviors and connecting their profiles to mobile devices. The company observes users' phone users and uses that information to determine their other devices; its software even has the ability to market individually to those who use a common device. 

    "In the old days of ad targeting, we give them a list of sites and we'd say, 'Women 25 to 45," an online retailer said. "In the new age, we basically say, 'Go get us users."

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