BlackBerry launches BB10 device in India at $800

  • BlackBerry launched its first handset from its BlackBerry 10 line in India on Monday with a price tag of $800.

    The touch-screen BlackBerry Z10 smartphone will compete with Apple iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy series handsets.

    The Z10 has already gone on sale in the United Kingdom and Canada. It is expected to hit the U.S. market in mid-March.

    Meanwhile, Apple has announced it is to offer the iPhone through instalment payment plans in order to make it more affordable.

    "Now your dream phone" at $93, read a recent front-page ad for an iPhone 5 in the Times of India, referring to the initial payment on a phone priced at $840.

    Apple ramped up its India sales effort towards the end of 2012 by adding two distributors. Previously it sold iPhones only through a few carriers and outlets.

    With the exception of China, all of its Apple stores are in developed economies.

    As a result, iPhone shipments to India between October and December nearly tripled to 250,000 units from 90,000 in the previous quarter.

    According to industry analysts, the move suggests a shift in strategy for Apple, which has long been overshadowed by rivals such as Samsung and BlackBerry that offer more affordable smartphones. 

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