Blackberry addict mourns the company

  • The fact that BlackBerry seems to now be a private company comes as a bad news to those who have been its diehard fans. 

    "It's like a cancer patient who has gone through treatments that continues to have setbacks," Bob Egan, one of its fans who has used the company's every product, said. "On Friday, they cut their jugular. Maybe (the imminent sale) saves them". 

    Owning a BlackBerry smartphone and using it to send emails and was once considered cool but then came along the iPhone in 2007. 

    Even those corporate customers who relied on BlackBerry's security features switched to the iPhone.

    Experts argue that going private would prevent the company from being scrutinized by Wall Street. Yet the descent of the CrackBerry leaves its addict feeling like someone died in the family. 

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