Australia on the verge of becoming a country of mentally obese

  • A new research suggest that 25 percent of people between the ages of 16 and 34 spend an unhealthy amount of time online. On an average, 18 hours are spent online each day. 

    Clinical psychologist Dr Tim Sharp said this scary amount of time spent online by people each day is responsible for not letting us function as normal human beings. People are swamped with so much of useless information that it begins to affect their emotions and health. One in four people that were surveyed have confirmed that spending so much time online affects other activities such as schoolwork, spending time with their loved ones. They tend to want to be online as opposed to doing these other things. Dr Sharp said that although these findings are scary, they are not surprising since this age group has never been exposed to a life without the internet.

    According to The Herald Sun, Rachael Amesbury, a 29-year-old accounts director says that she believes her thirst for the internet is unhealthy and borderline obsession. 

    "I'm on my phone mostly, but then I sit in front of a computer all day so I'm always online looking at emails, always flicking between various web pages," she said. "It's kind of nonstop."

    Amesbury said that she believes her obsession with wanting to find out what her friends are doing is ridiculous, as reported by The Herald Sun. 

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