Ask.fm bought by Tinder owner and Ask.com

  • Ask.fm, a social networking site that allows users to answer anonymous questions posted by other users, has been purchased by InterActiveCorp (IAC) the owner of Tinder and Ask.com.

    Ask.fm was founded by Ilja and Mark Terebin, two Latvian brothers, in 2010 and has a user-base of 180 million monthly users at present. The site has been criticized for permitting cyber bullying, particularly in the aftermath of a number of teen suicides by users of the site. Ask.fm has also been criticized for allowing ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) to host pages and recruit potential cadres from the site.

    Following the purchase, Ask.fm’s founders will be leaving the company, and the site’s new owners have said they will be investing millions of dollars in improving child safety, recruiting moderators, and upgrading detection methods. New York state attorney general, Eric Schneiderman, has also announced a new safety agreement with the new proprietors.

    Doug Leeds, chief executive of Ask.com said "We wouldn't be getting involved if we didn't think we could make it safer."

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