Apps replacing salesmen in American stores

  • Several retailers operating in the US are nowadays communicating with the shoppers through Swirl, a smartphone app. This app employs in-store sensors in order to track the location of the customers in a shop and then provides the customers several customized recommendations and offers that are supposedly based on their preferences. This is just one of the many ways that are being taken by older establishments to appeal to the Gen Y customers who are more into technology. Hilmi Ozguc, the CEO of Swirl Networks that is based in Boston, has stated that retailers are looking to add value for the customers and fulfilling the role of a salesperson with a lot of expertise.

    Retailers in Boston and New York City have been among the first to have used the technology in the U.S. This technology normally uses Bluetooth sensors that have been put on shelves and walls of the stores so that the communication with the Swirl app can be done conveniently. Swirl is in fact the first of its kind to detect the location of the shoppers but there are some other apps that too provide tips or deals for customers when they enter a shop. Shopkick is one such software. It can be used in the U.S. by people who own Android phones and iPhones.