Apple map users drive across runway

  • While trying to get to the Fairbanks International Airport, two drivers in the past three weeks have instead driven across the runway. Apple Maps directs the drivers to Taxiway Bravo but doesn't specifically ask them to cross the runway. Officials mentioned that people are extremely invested in the guidance by their smartphones. "These folks drove past several signs. They even drove past a gate. None of that cued them that they did something inappropriate," they said. 

    After being contacted by the airport, Apple said it would fix the issue; it still hadn't and another similar incident happened on Sept. 20. 

    The airport has now installed barriers to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future. A state representative, who had a similar issue revealed that Apple Maps asked him to "make a right onto the small plane runway, which in fact was the shortest way to get to the big airport."

    "I give the iPhone app credit for that."

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