Apple launches-iPad Mini

  • Apple unveiled its highly anticipated 7.9-inch tablet, the iPad Mini, on Tuesday.

    The smaller version of the iPad is set to go on sale on Friday to compete with tablets including Amazon’s Kindle.

    Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook and marketing chief Phil Schiller launched the new tablet, which features most of the functions of the full-size iPad but in a smaller package.

    Priced at $329 for a wi-fi only model, the iPad mini is more expensive than what analysts predicted.

    Some see that as a move to retain premium pricing levels while others fear it could curb demand.

    Both Amazon's $199 Kindle Fire and Google's Nexus 7 are sold at or near cost.

    Apple also announced a fourth-generation full-sized iPad just six months after unveiling the third generation device.

    The latest tablet, which sells for $499, is faster and slimmer and comes just days before Microsoft is due to unveil its own "Surface" tablet.