Apple did not infringe Samsung patents, says US trade judge

  • Apple did not infringe patents owned by Samsung when designing the iPod touch, iPhone and iPad, a judge at the International Trade Commission (ITC) stated in a preliminary ruling on Friday.

    Apple and Samsung have waged legal battle in courtrooms across some 10 countries in a bid to dominate the lucrative smartphone industry.

    Last month, Apple was awarded $1.05 billion in damages after a U.S. jury found the South Korean firm had copied key features of the iPhone.

    ITC Judge James Gildea said Apple did not violate the four patents in the case.

    Samsung had accused Apple of infringement in a complaint filed in 2011 and requested a sales ban of the products in question in the United States.

    The full commission will decide whether to uphold or annul its internal judge's decision in January.