Amazon launches cheaper Kindle Fires

  • Amazon unveiled larger and cheaper Kindle Fire tablets on Thursday in a bid to challenge Apple’s dominance with the iPad.

    The world's largest Internet retailer launched the devices ranging at prices of $159 to $599.

    Last year, Amazon released a 7-inch tablet at roughly half the price of the $499 iPad. In just under a year, it became the second best selling tablet after the iPad.

    Amazon's new line up is also set to compete with Google and Microsoft, who launched their own products this year to contend the booming tablet market.

    On November 20, Amazon will begin shipping the 8.9-inch version with a high-definition screen, which works off either WiFi or 4G wireless broadband.

    The most expensive model, at $599 for 64 gigabytes of storage, is still comparatively cheaper than the top-of-the-line $829 iPad.

    The cheapest 7-inch WiFi-only Fire sells for $159 while Apple's lowest iPad is priced at $499.