23-year-old beats Bill Gates at chess

  • Being the richest man in the world doesn't have to mean that you're the best at chess as well. It took Magnus Carlsen nine moves to beat Bill Gates in front of an audience. 

    The founder of Microsoft was challenged to chess during a talk show but he wasn't under any illusions. He had mentioned before the match that the outcome of the game was predetermined. 

    The newly crowned world chess champion may have been a little nervous but the good-natured multi billionaire smiled and shook the 23-year-old's hand at the end of the "quick" game. 

    "I just feel that if there is not too much to think about, it's better to walk around a little bit, maybe get some drinks, some food to get some energy and also to get the blood flowing a little," Carlsen, who is known for walking away and standing during boardgames, has said. 

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