Theresa May

UK PM Theresa May to Make Way for Successor

The Prime Minister of UK, Theresa May, is slated to step down today from her position as the leader…

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UK Map
Theresa May to face cabinet showdown over Brexit Deal

British Prime Minister Theresa May faces a cabinet showdown over the Brexit deal on Wednesday. The British and European Union…

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UK and France call upon EU nations to address migrant crisis

Britain and France have called upon other EU nations to help in addressing the root causes of the migrant crisis…

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Won't serve third term if re-elected: British PM David Cameron

British Prime Minister David Cameron has said that if his party were to win the general election he would serve…

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More efforts needed to wipe out antisemitism, says UK home secretary

UK’s Jewish community was feeling fearful because of antisemitism, British home secretary Theresa May has said. She…

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