Hebron: Three Israelis wounded in gun attacks

Three Israelis were wounded in shooting incidents in Hebron, reports say, with two of the victims believed…

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Jerusalem: Israel and Jordan reach agreement on holy site

Israel and Jordan have agreed to take steps to reduce tensions over a holy site in

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Two Israelis killed in Jerusalem as violence flares

Two Israelis have been killed in separate attacks by Palestinians in Jerusalem. At least three people…

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Jerusalem on the edge after synagogue killings

Jerusalem is on the edge after the killing of five Israelis in a vicious attack on a synagogue, with many…

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Four killed in synagogue attack in Jerusalem

Four Israelis were killed by two Palestinian men in a synagogue in Jerusalem on Tuesday, November 18, in what is…

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14 killed, dozens injured in Nepal bus mishap

At least 14 people were killed and dozens injured when a crowded bus carrying around 100 people tumbled down a…

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