International Space Station

International Space Station 'shifts position after engine misfire': Russian agency

A glitch has caused the orbital position of the International Space Station to change, but the shift posed no danger…

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Orbital Sciences likely to stop use of Russian-made engines

Orbital Sciences has indicated that it may stop the use of Russia-made engines that were on the Antares rocket which…

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Unmanned rocket explodes seconds after launch

An unmanned rocket blew up over eastern Virginia on Tuesday evening, October 22, seconds after it was launched from the…

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Russian spacecraft docks at international space station

Nasa has reportedly said that a Russian Soyuz spacecraft with Italy’s first female astronaut on board had docked safely with…

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Boeing and SpaceX to design Nasa crew ships

Nasa has chosen two firms it believes will develop new crew capsules for its space program. The American space agency…

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British singer Sarah Brightman to perform song in space

British soprano Sarah Brightman is working with Andrew Lloyd Webber, her former husband, on a song which she hopes to…

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