Criminal Gang

Bus drivers' murders disrupt life in El Salvador

El Salvador’s government has provided police and army escorts for bus drivers after criminal gangs forced them to go on…

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Mexico: Dozens killed after police target notorious drug cartel

A gun battle between the police and suspected criminal gang members has killed at least 44 people in western Mexico.…

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Mexico: Politician murdered in violence-hit Guerrero state

Aide Nava, a Mexican politician who was standing for mayoral elections in June in Guerrero state, has…

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Missing students were killed by gang, Mexican government says

Mexico's attorney general Jesus Murillo Karam has again emphasized that 43 students, who went missing from the…

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Key Paraguayan rebel leader killed

Paraguayan authorities say that Albino Jara, a key rebel leader, has been killed during a shootout on Tuesday, January 6,…

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