Town fights to keep Jim Thorpe's body

  • The sons of the famous American Indian athlete Jim Thorpe of the 20th century have been fighting to get his remains moved to where he was born. 

    They have now won a legal victory that has put them closer to their goal of moving the remains to Oklahoma but the town 'Jim Thorpe' has little intention of letting go of him. Locals are attempting to raise money for the appeal with donation jars. 

    Thorpe's third wife, Patricia had his body moved in the midst of his funeral in 1953 and struck a deal with two merging towns in Pennsylvania to build a memorial and name the new town after the famous athlete. 

    Thorpe's son said they have wanted his body back all this time because of the way it had been taken away from them. "And we had no authority," Bill said. 

    A US district Judge had in April ruled in Thorpe's, his brother's and their tribe's favor. 

    The written arguments of the case are due on Sept. 23. 

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