Toronto Blue Jays suspend Yunel Escobar for homophobic slur

  • The Toronto Blue Jays suspended Yunel Escobar for three games on Tuesday for wearing eye-black displaying a homophobic slur written in Spanish during Saturday's game against the Boston Red Sox.

    The Blue Jays shortstop was pictured with the message written in his eye-black, a sticker players wear under their eyes to minimize glare from the sun. The slur did not appear to be directed at a particular person.

    The punishment was announced during a press conference at Yankee Stadium in New York before the Blue Jays took on the home team.

    "The suspension is the result of his decision to display an unacceptable message while participating in a major league game. The Blue Jays want to reaffirm that discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated,” the Blue Jays said in a statement. "

    The 29-year-old’s suspension began immediately as he missed Tuesday's game against the New York Yankees.

    The Blue Jays added that Escobar would take part in an outreach initiative to help educate society about tolerance to others based on their sexual orientation.