Tommy Morrison dead at 44

  • Tommy Morrison died last night due to causes that are not yet disclosed. The former world heavy weight champion best known for his role in Rocky V was 44 at the time of his death and had been diagnosed with a public HIV. 

    Morrison's former promoter said he was with his wife when he died. 

    The world champion had beat George Foreman, claiming the World Boxing Organization's title in 1993. However, he lost it four months later and said "it's one of those situations you have to live with and learn from it. I'll be back."

    He admitted that he had been tested positive for HIV in 1996 and got suspended by the Nevada Athletic Competition. He apologized to all the young ladies that he has been involved with and encouraged them to get themselves tested. 

    Morrison reportedly denied that he had been tested positive in an attempt to resume his career and fought as recently as 2008. 

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