Teens trash ex-NFLer's home

  • Hundreds of high-schoolers had a Labor Day party at an ex-NFLer's home in Stephentown, New York and didn't even invite him. They punched holes in walls and graffitied the home, causing $20,000 in damages. 

    Brian Holloway's 19-year old son informed him of the party after he read tweets regarding the same. Holloway watched the party unfold while sitting in his home in Florida. One of the photos showed people standing on the table that Holloway had bought with his Super Bowl XX bonus. 

    The good news is that it won't be hard to identity the high-schoolers since some of them even spray painted their names around the house; others posted invites on Twitter about five full days before the party. 

    "We have 200 to 220 names already confirmed today," Holloway said. "And that data is going to the sheriffs."

    The data is also going to be posted on a website named "helpsave300" since the former Patriots offensive lineman wants the teens to take responsibility and to come back and clean their mess.

    "If we do nothing regarding these 300 students, we will have missed our chance to take a stand for their future," he said. 

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