Surfwear maker criticized for making 'All Sex' ad

  • A California company Roxy, which makes clothes for surfers recently came up with a new ad featuring Stephanie Gilmore. The critics have an issue with the ad since it doesn't actually show Gilmore surfing- she is shown to be in bed and in the shower instead. 

    World champion Cori Schumacher, has for this reason collected over 21,000 signatures for his petition on Change.org asking the company to get rid of the "all sex, no surf" ad.

    Schumacher referred to this as being an example of sexism and said "surfing should be a place where women can show they're strong and powerful. Ads like Roxy's ads prove women are still navigating gender bias that reinforces harmful stereotypes."

    Starre Vartan at Mother Nature Network agreed with this fact and said the company should experiment making the same kind of ad with a male surfer and see if it ends up looking weird.

    "It's probably stupid and sexist," Vartan wrote.  

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