Six NFL coaches fired on 'Black Monday'

  • Six NFL (National Football League) teams confirmed on Monday that they had fired their head coach.

    The Philadelphia Eagles, Cleveland Browns, Kansas City Chiefs, Chicago Bears, Buffalo Bills, San Diego Chargers and Arizona Cardinals all sacked their coaches a day after the end of the regular season.

    Dubbed as “Black Monday”, New Years' Eve also proved to be a difficult day for NFL administrators. The Browns, Chargers and Cardinals as well as the New York Jets and the Jacksonville Jaguars also removed their general managers.

    The following coaches were removed: Andy Reid in Philadelphia, Lovie Smith for the Bears, Norv Turner in San Diego, Pat Shurmur in Cleveland, Romeo Crennel for the Chiefs and Chan Gailey in Buffalo.

    Reid was the longest tenured of the coaches, fired after 14 seasons and a Super Bowl appearance in 2005, which resulted in a loss to New England.