Sania Mirza to pair with Chinese Jie Zheng

  • Mirza and Zheng will pair for the US Open and the Indian ace hopes that the two will be able to prepare well for the last Grand Slam of the season even though they are short of time. Mirza said that it will take time for the two players to get used to each other but they still have four weeks before the US Open. She also mentioned that Zheng, who she has fought many singles with in the past compliments her game. 

    Mirza said giving up singles was not an easy decision for her but she had to listen to her body. "My body is fragile and after three surgeries in five years, it is tough and you have to make some tough decisions and it was very difficult for me," she said, as reported by Zee News. 

    When asked to comment on women's single players, Mirza said "it has a lot to do with physical ability,we don't train well! We do things at 15 which we need to do at 8".

    She also mentioned that International Tennis Premier League which is supposed to kick off next year, will help to increase the popularity of the game. 

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