Ronda Rousey had a bad experience while filming 'The Ultimate Fighter'

  • Ronda Rousey doesn't care if people have a negative opinion about her after watching "The Ultimate Fighter," given that it portrays a bad version of herself. She said she believes it's easy to change people's opinions quickly with the help of social media nowadays. 

    Rousey gave the "encouraging" example of Kim Kardashian: "How long ago was it that Kim Kardashian had (expletives) in her mouth and now she's selling my little sister's shoes?" she asked. 

    However, the UFC women's bantamweight champion is not over the fact that her team was treated in an "inhumane" way on the series. "We were instigated and manipulated to get the most dramatic response out of us possible." Hence Rousey believes the problem isn't much about she acted but the way she was portrayed on the series. 

    "If you think "The Ultimate Fighter" was the best opportunity knocking on the door for me to do at the time, you're tripping," she said. 



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