Roddy White calls Twitter follower a peasant

  • Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White was offended when his Twitter follower replied to his tweet regarding work and said "Getting paid to play a kids game is not work."

    People might think White had it coming when he complained about having to work on Labors day but perhaps its hard to say silent when someone refers to football as being a kid's game. 

    Some followers called him out for the peasant comment. One of them said "Good to know you think of every normal person as a peasant." White replied saying only those that disrespect what he does for a living is a peasant, as per him. 

    Although that makes sense, we're not sure if peasant was the correct word for the given circumstance. White, eventually apologized for the poor choice of word and learned that its not wise to vent out on social networking sites such as Twitter. 

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