Premier League January transfers hit $188.6 million

  • British Premier League clubs spent some $188.6 million in the January transfer window, twice the amount spent last year.

    The transfer window closed at 11pm on Thursday with $55 million being spent on deadline day, according to Deloitte.

    Queens Park Rangers, Liverpool and Newcastle made up for more than half the total spent during the window.

    Net spend this year, which includes money recouped on player sales, sat at $110 million.

    "Clubs are now in a reporting period that will count towards the first assessment of UEFA’s financial fair play break-even requirement for international competition, and Premier League clubs are also considering the implementation of additional cost-control regulation at a domestic level,” said Dan Jones, partner in the sports business group at Deloitte.

    UEFA’s rules are designed to stop clubs spending more than they earn.

    The transfer window for a number of other European leagues also closed on Thursday, including those in France, Spain, Italy, Holland and Germany.

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