Pregnant former Olympian collapses and dies

  • Meskerem Legesse, 26 who was a former Olympian from Ethiopia died after she was taken to a hospital on Monday. She was at a Chinese restaurant with her friend, Fatima Sene as well as her 2-year-old son when she collapsed. The cause of death wasn't clear but she is said to have had heart problems in the past. 

    As per Fox News, Sene said that the baby was saved. "She would do anything for anybody," Sene said. "And she loved that little boy she left behind." Legesse's children are now with their father and Sene said that she had been planning to get married to the father. 

    Doctors were able to save the baby because of the CPR efforts in the restaurant as well as in the ambulance when she was been transported to Yale-New-Haven Hospital. The agency had declined to perform an autopsy considering Legesse's health problems in the past. 

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