Pistorius reaches day 2 of testimony

  • It's Oscar Pistorius' second day on the witness stand and he did once vomit at the sight of photos of his late girlfriend's body. The session was adjourned early yesterday since the athlete felt "exhausted" but he had to walk the court through some old text messages today. 

    He read out the mundane and loving ones while crying. "I miss you more than anything," Reeva Steenkamp wrote. "I replied with smiley faces and kisses," Pistorius said. He also walked the court through the events of Feb. 13 and 14 when the couple reportedly ate dinner together and Steenkamp did yoga inside the bathroom. 

    "I heard the window opening in the bathroom. That is the moment that everything changed," he said. "I thought a burglar was gaining entry into my home. The first thing that ran through my mind was that I needed to protect Reeva and myself."

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