Olympic torch is back from space

  • Three astronauts and the Sochi Olympic torch returned from a spacewalk and got back to Earth in a Russian space capsule at 8:49 local time.

    Thee Soyuz capsule descended under a parachute and made a flawless landing in Kazakhstan through clear skies.  

    Mission commander Fyodor Yurchikhin, was extracted from the capsule and put under a blanket, so he could adjust to gravity after experiencing weightlessness for 166 days.

    Karen Nyberg was the second one one to come out of the capsule and was given dark glasses to protect her eyes from the sunlight. Luca Parmintano, pumped his fists and appeared to be thrilled once he was extracted. 

    The torch was put in a plastic bag and given to the mission commander to hold. 

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