Olympic opening ceremony wins theater award

  • Oscar-winning film director Danny Boyle won the Evening Standard Theater Award late on Sunday for the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics.

    The gala opening was warmly praised by British viewers but appeared to confuse many overseas viewers.

    Boyle began his tale of British history with children's choirs from the four corners of the United Kingdom before an audience of 60,000 in the Olympic Stadium and an estimated billion television viewers around the globe.

    The ceremony was honored with the Beyond Theater award by the London newspaper.

    Evening Standard editor Sarah Sands, who was also a judge at the annual awards, said the ceremony stood for a "metaphor for national hope."

    "If we could achieve this, we could achieve anything. Boyle managed to find a way of showing us who we are, as if he were poet laureate. He did all this on an austerity budget. He went beyond theater but stayed within the limits of the Treasury,” she added.