Nyad's swim could be a little too fast

  • There are rumors regarding Diana Nyad's record breaking swim from Cuba to Florida. The 64-year old might have received some help from the observing boat during the long swim of 110 miles. Her team claimed that she swam without a shark cage but skeptics are wondering if she received help from the observing boat, judging by the recently released GPS data. 

    Nyad has claimed that the only boost she received during her swim was by a current she had caught at the right time but skeptics say the hour long increase in her speed is questionable. 

    However, as per an expert who reviewed the charts, Nyad's swim was genuine since the current in this case "was in the shape of an S, and the angle was almost exactly from Havana to Key West." He explained that sometimes when the current runs west-east, swimmers fight it while swimming north. 

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