NY Giant's Will Hill suspended for substance abuse

  • Giants safety Will Hill was suspended last week because he reportedly violated the NFL's substance abuse policy. Hill revealed a number of reasons that contributed to leading him to use marijuana and subsequently failing several drug tests last year. 

    "It's from family member, everyone reaching their hand out thinking I'm an ATM, and people who think you owe them something," he said. "It was just a situation where I was visiting back to my hometown and a guy pulled a shotgun on me right then and wanted money. How do you deal with those situations? I really can't so I dealt with it the best way I knew how."

    Hill is also said to have used Adderall, as a performance enhancing drug on grounds of which he was suspended four games last year. He said he the Giants helped him a lot and that he was at a clinic in Boston where he received help. 

    Hill is eligible to return to the team for the regular season starting Sept. 30. 

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