NHL and NHLPA to resume talks on Monday

  • The NHL and NHLPA will resume talks on Monday in a bid to end the lockout that has lasted more than two months.

    The sides last met on November 11 for 90 minutes.

    Earlier this week, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman suggested to union head Donald Fehr that the sides take a two-week break.

    Regular season games have been canceled up until November 30 as well as the Winter Classic contest that was due to be held on New Year's Day between the Toronto Maple Leafs and Detroit Red Wings.

    The NHL imposed a lockout, which halted all league operations, when the previous collective bargaining agreement expired in September with the owners and players at odds over how to split a $3.3 billion revenue pie.

    A total of 82 games have been affected as a result of the decision.

    It marks the first time regular season action has been canceled since a lockout wiped out the entire 2004-05 season.