NBA's first-ever scorer Ossie Schectman dies

  • Ossie Schectman made his mark on the National Basketball Association with the New York Knickerbockers by scoring his first points in the 1946-1947 season. 

    According to his former team, the Schectman died at the age of 94 on Tuesday. 

    Knicks traveled to Canada on November 1, 1946 to play against the Toronto Huskies and Schectman made a name for himself the moment his shot went through the hoop. NBA was known as the Basketball Association of America at that time. 

    Schectman only lasted one season in the NBA and was remembered in 1988 when the NBA's 5 millionth point was scored by the Utah Jazz's Ricky Green. He once told an interviewer that he wasn't jealous of the amount of money these modern players make nowadays, even though he made just $9,000 in his season against the Toronto Huskies. 

    "I wish I could have known how to do a crossover dribble," Schectman said. "That really looks like a lot of fun."

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