Nairobi to bid for 2024 Olympics

  • The Kenyan capital Nairobi is planning to bid for the 2024 Olympics and become the first African city to host the Games, according to country’s prime minister.

    "Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga, speaking at the Kenya National House today, announced that the Republic of Kenya will be starting the process of pitching to host the Games of the 33rd Olympiad in 2024," a Kenya House announcement stated.

    "If successful, these Games will be the first ever held in Africa."

    The International Olympic Committee will elect the 2024 host city in 2017. 

    There have been numerous African bids in the past, most recently with the Egyptian capital Cairo unsuccessfully bidding for the 2008 Olympics and South Africa's Cape Town bid for the 2004 Games. 

    However, South Africa did host the 2010 soccer World Cup, the first to be held on the African continent.

    The 2016 Olympics will be held in Rio de Janeiro, the first in South America.