Meet the man who played a role in Michael Sam's announcement

  • Michael Sam's life took an interesting turn a couple of weeks ago and strategy was key from the time he decided to reveal that he was gay. That's when Howard Bragman, who helps athletes and celebrities to come out of the closet, comes into play. 

    The 58-year-old is is openly gay himself and his expertise is sought by several prominent personalities. 

    "I came out a very long time ago, but it was frightening," Bragman said. "But I think the younger generation is different. It's what I like to call the 'Will & Grace' generation. Kids are out in high school and at a much younger age than before. I understand that if you're a private individual and you're coming out to friends and family, it's scary. But if you're a public person, it's infinitely more scary because you gotta go to a whole other level."

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