Masters alters qualifications

  • The Masters is to increase the number of players who make the 36-hole cut from 44 and ties to 50 and ties while maintaining that anyone within 10 strokes of the lead will advance to the weekend.

    Augusta Club chairman Billy Payne announced the change on Wednesday at his annual news conference preceding the tournament.

    "We believe offering more playing opportunities for the participants over the weekend is a positive for everyone involved," Payne said.

    The tournament, which dates back to 1934, first instituted a cut to 40 players and ties and then to 44 and ties in 1962.

    Payne added the tournament would extend its "win-and-you're-in" criteria to winners of PGA Tour events in the fall.

    The move to increase the number of winners comes after the U.S. tour announced a change to how it designates its season, with the new season starting in late 2013 with six official events previously called the Fall Series.

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