Mark Sanchez requires shoulder surgery

  • New York Jets quarterback's Mark Sanchez career with the team is anything but over. 

    The Jets have not announced the extent of Mark Sanchez's injury and according to an anonymous source, he will require a shoulder surgery. However, the team is not going to comment on the diagnosis or his treatment. 

    Sanchez sought a second opinion Dr. James Andrew after injuring his shoulder in a preseason game against New York Giants. The doctor informed the quarterback that he had an option of either getting a surgery or a rehab. The doctor also mentioned that his best option was surgery. 

    Reports suggest that Sanchez has chosen rehab over surgery but the anonymous source said it's only a matter of time before the surgery is performed. 

    Sanchez had said "we're getting every opinion possible" prior to visiting Andrews. "I think it's prudent." 

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