Manchester United seeking to tap into US market

  • Manchester United are set to ramp up their marketing activities in the United States in a bid to cash in on a new deal that will see NBC screen English Premier League soccer matches.

    "NBC has the Premier League rights for next season. We should be able to feed off the back of that enhanced and wider coverage," the US-listed club's chief executive David Gill said on Tuesday.

    NBC has reportedly paid $250 million to win the rights to Premier League games from Fox and ESPN for the next three years.

    Interest in the sport is on the rise in the United States where it has struggled against baseball, basketball and football for media exposure.

    The club, which is owned by the American Glazer family, is also looking to set up a sales office on the east coast of the United States later this year in addition to its existing operations in London and Hong Kong.

    United, who claim to have more than 650 million followers worldwide, is listed on the New York Stock Exchange last August.

    United clinched a record 20th English league title on Monday night.

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