Kenya's Kipchoge Comes Tantalizingly Close to Breaking the 2-hour Marathon Barrier

  • 32 year marathon runner, Eliud Kipchoge (from Nigeria), came tantalizingly close to breaking the two hour frontier, set by Nike's Breaking2 project that attempts to cover 42.2 kilometers or 26.2 miles in 2 hours time.

    Kipchoge (the winner of 2016 Olympic and 2016 London Marathon) finished the full marathon in 2 hours and 24 seconds. The official world record in marathon was 2:02:57, set in 2014 by Dennis Kimetto of Nigeria at the 2014 Berlin Marathon.

    Director of Nike Sport Research Lab’s NXT Generation Research, Brad Wilkins, reportedly said that they believe traditional marathon records will fall once a sub-two-hour marathon is reached.

    Nike's Breaking2 project of 2017 was held in Milan’s Monza Formula 1 racetrack of Italy.

    The tantalizing record was set on Saturday, exactly 63 years after Roger Bannister completed his 1 mile run in under 4 minutes.