India's athletes to not compete for India in Olympics

  • India's athletes will be deemed independent instead of competing for India in the 2014 Winter Olympics. 

    The reason for this is that the International Olympic Committee froze the nation's membership in 2012 after knowing that officials in the Indian Olympic Association were corrupt. The association is expected to have new members elected but that will only happen two days after after the Games begin. 

    Indian athletes are not happy about being officially classified as being independent and carrying a generic flag. 

    Luge medal hopeful Shiva Keshavan called the situation "shameful and pathetic."

    "People around the world know about the failure of our systems and about corruption and bad governance in sports," he said. "The essence of the Olympic Games is to 'represent' and I feel it is shameful and pathetic for all of us Indians that athletes may not walk under the Indian flag."


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