Ex-NFL cheerleader reveals harsh job requirements

  • A Raiderette recently came forward and revealed that she makes only $5 an hour. However, another update by a former Baltimore Ravens cheerleader is sure to convince you of the fact that this career path is not worth it. 

    She was on the team back in 2009 and mentioned that her friends who are still cheerleaders reveal that not much has changed since she left. 

    Reports suggest that the girls were expected to maintain their weight, which was checked at the beginning of every season; they were benched in case of any increase. Moreover, they were required to maintain standard makeup and hair, which costed about $1,000. 

    The ex-cheerleader also revealed that the girls with fairer skin tones were asked to go to tanning salons since they were all required to "have a warm skin color tone for every gameday" and all other opportunities such as acting or modeling had to be approved. 

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