Dolphins quarterback's wife leaves rifle inside the rental car

  • Judith Fleissig rented a car previously used by Lauren Tannehill and found an unpleasant surprise in the back seat. 

    Turns out quarterback Ryan Tannehill's wife had forgotten to take the AR-15 rifle, which is owned by Ryan. 

    Tannehill wasn't the only one at fault since the employees at E-Z Rent-A-Car didn't spot the rifle case while cleaning the car and before renting it to the next person. Tannehills reported it missing after returning the car and Fleissig turned over the firearm to the police. 

    "We got out of the car, we were kind of freaked out," she said. "I didn't want to touch it. I took a picture, zipped it back up and went to the police station. They came out and took it." 

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