Dolphins' Incognito said he's not racist

  • Miami Dolphin player Richie Incognito spoke for the first time about the allegations regarding racism and harassment that have surfaced recently. 

    Teammate Jonathan Martin claimed he received a text from Incognito that read, "I will murder your whole... family," Incognito said Martin never took that threat seriously. He also mentioned that everyone in the locker room uses racist, and "bad words" all the time. 

    "All this stuff coming out, it speaks to the culture of our locker room, it speaks to culture of our closeness, it speaks to the culture of our brotherhood," he said. 

    Incognito mentioned that he is embarrassed by the voicemail, where he used the N-word, but doesn't consider himself racist. "To judge me by that one word is wrong. In no way shape or form is it acceptable for me to use that word, even if it's in a voicemail."

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