Did Joe Flacco make the right choice?

  • Joe Flacco made the right choice by choosing to be present during the game and skipping his child's birth. Even if he had chosen to not play and had been there with his wife, that would have been the right choice as well. 

    In fact, any choice that the couple had made about what they ultimately wanted would have been the correct one. It is, however, wrong for people to claim some kind of moral authority on either one of the options. 

    Baltimore Sun reported that Flacco had been telling his teammates that when Dana was in the delivery room, he would leave the team to drive to New Jersey immediately. However, the player didn't actually go through with his joke. 

    According to the report, Joe obviously thought about his newly born while on the sidelines since his wife had called to inform him that she and the baby boy are doing fine. 

    When asked about whether or not Baltimore would win the game, Flacco said "No doubt about it. Anytime you have a child, it's one of your best days."

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