Construction worker falls to death from Arena Amazonia stadium

  • A construction worker, identified as Marcleudo de Melo Ferreira, died when he fell off the roof of the under-construction Arena Amazonia football stadium in Manaus this weekend. Brazil has come under criticism for the delayed construction of stadiums and safety of workers on the construction sites of the new arenas coming up for the FIFA world cup, scheduled for mid-2014. Five workers have died on construction sites of World Cup stadiums across Brazil.

    The construction company has said it has opened an internal investigation into the cause of this latest accident. They also said they deeply regret the accident and were providing complete assistance to the family of the construction worker. Brazil's sports minister, Aldo Rebelo, said "The Sports Ministry laments the accident that lead to the death of the worker Marcleudo de Melo Ferreira at the construction site at the Arena Amazonia at dawn this Saturday in Manaus...personally and in the name of the federal government, I express the deepest regret and solidarity with the family and friends of the worker."

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