Conservative columnist talks about Redskins name change

  • Columnist Charles Krauthammer wrote in the Washington Post that he thinks Redskins should change their name. 

    He mentioned that he's not the biggest fan of being policed in terms of language and being "advised by the president of the United States about changing team names. Or blackmailed by tribal leaders playing the race card."

    Krauthammer suggested that the meanings of words continue to change and evolve. For instance, the word "retarded" didn't always mean something negative. The same holds true for "redskins" as well.

    The columnist said the word carries "invidious connotations today" and it doesn't matter how it was used 80 years ago. 

    He mentioned that the team should change the name because it is today "tainted, freighted with negative connotations with which you would not want to be associated."

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