Columnist criticizes Adrian Peterson after son's murder

  • A New York Post columnist Phil Mushnick criticized Adrian Peterson for his actions as a father before and after the murder of his 2-year old son. 

    Mushnick said it's sad that Peterson was ready to start playing football only hours after the boy's death. Moreover, the columnist pointed out that Peterson is the one who let his son be in that dangerous situation given the child's mother's boyfriend's history of violence. He mentioned that the NFL player could have "provided his son a better life."

    Mushnick also brought up other issues such as Peterson's arrests in the past. 

    Many have criticized the column; Reva Friedel of Awful Announcing referred to the column as being "the most offensive sports column in the history of earth."

    Critics pointed out that Mushnick wasn't aware of the fact that he was the boy's father until recently when he was put on life support. 

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