Clayton Kershaw is the highest paid pitcher in history

  • The Los Angeles Dodgers' Clayton Kershaw has made a new salary record with his new 7-year contract, which is worth $215M. 

    The deal has made him the first pitcher in history to have secured a $200M plus contract. "Big winner today ....me," his catcher AJ Ellis tweeted. "I am blessed to catch best in game for foreseeable future, God willing."

    Ellis said Kershaw is the highest-paid pitcher but it still feels like he is under-paid. He mentioned that trying to getting a better deal would have been a distraction from the season. "You wouldn't have been able to get through a series, or a start, without somebody wanting to talk to him about it," Ellis said. "Clayton doesn't need distractions while he's performing. He's single-minded. I think it's great for everybody that it worked out."

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