Basketball is the royal sport in Bhutan

  • Basketball is not a street sport in Bhutan but a royal one. 

    The 23-year old queen plays basketball everyday and maintains an average of 34. The country's retired king makes sure to play daily as well. A legend says that the 57-year old king once scored 65 3-pointers. 

    Although, no one is allowed to touch royals, queen Jetsun Pema asks her opponent to check her; one of her opponents mentioned that Pema gets mad if they don't. 

    The country is attempting to make the sport more popular among commoners and possibly forming a national team; it has even hired a South Korean coach. 

    Since people in Bhutan are not too tall, the coach is "trying to get them into a faster style of play," he said. "We need stronger defense and better fast breaks."

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