Alex Honnold becomes the first free-solo climber to conquer Yosemite's El Capitan

  • On Saturday morning, El Capitan, one of the world’s most difficult rock faces to climb was finally conquered, without a rope harness, by 31-year old Alex Honnold of Sacramento, California.

    Every true blue rock climber has carried a secret ambition to go free-solo (without any rope harness) and climb El Capitan, the Yosemite rock face that is rated very high on the degree of difficulty. An free-solo attempt on El Capitan is considered suicidal, given the near vertical climb with very little to support. Alex Honnold believed otherwise.

    On Saturday morning at 0530 hours he began the most dangerous climb of his life from Freerider, a side of El Capitan that climbers normally take several hours, and sometimes more than a day, to climb to the top and that too with a rope harness for support. Alex achieved the near impossible climbing the 2,900 ft tall Freerider free-solo within four hours, a feat filmed and recorded by National Geographic.